I was born and raised in my beautiful island, Puerto Rico. I have been dancing all of my life and have loved every bit. While I considered myself a good dancer and always brought all the saz√≥n to the dance floor, my technique needed a lot of work. I began to get serious about learning everything about the latin dances in 2012 and have taken classes with some of the best dancers from around the world. I have attended many salsa and bachata congresses around the United States and even went on a Salsa Cruise to the Bahamas. This of course isn’t accessible to everyone, therefore I decided to pass on what I have learned myself locally. While I can teach Bachata, my passion lies on Salsa. I love teaching Salsa and seeing the growth of my students from when they first come to me to when I see them out and about at our socials. The style of Salsa that I teach is called New York Style Salsa, or Salsa On2, which was most famously invented by Eddie Torres, an amazing dancer and teacher himself. This style is my favorite because it allows you to move in ways salsa on 1 doesn’t. I would love to teach you all about the history, music, and of course dance of salsa and bachata at my home studio!